So, why am I writing this blog?

Well, my first child is due shortly (May 5th in fact), and I’m interested to find out how this most major of changes to my life will affect my relationship with music.

Throughout my teens and twenties, music was possibly the most important thing in my life. Then age 29, I met my wife having previously never been in a truly serious long-term relationship. Whilst I didn’t love music any less, I couldn’t devote as much time to it (especially as our relationship was long distance to begin with), and it certainly wasn’t the most important thing in my life any longer.

I also started studying for an accountancy qualification around this time, which ate into my free time. I started worrying about an article in the Onion I had read many years earlier:,1199/

At the time I read it, I thought I could never fall out of love with music, but as time went on I started to worry that it could happen. With a baby on the way, I certainly won’t have as much time to listen to or seek out new music, and I doubt very much I’ll be out at any gigs any time soon.

I have come to realise though, that however my relationship with music changes, and how much my tastes change, the love will never disappear. So this blogs exists as a record of that changing relationship, and because I love to write about music, and no doubt will also love to write about my as yet unborn child.

In many ways, music helped define me, make me the person I am. My baby will no doubt redefine me, and make me someone new. A father as well as a husband and music-lover.



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