The Wren

A couple, A & G, who my wife and I are very close to had their second child yesterday evening, a beautiful second daughter. Their eldest child, L is now over three and a half, and until recently we had lived close to them in Brighton, so have had the privilege of seeing Lauren grow up at first hand.

Until the last year or so, neither my wife nor I had many close friends or family with young children, and those that did were not living close by, so our experience around babies and toddlers is limited. Being around L and her parents during her early years has given us just a small insight into what being the parent of a young child might be like, and I feel we’ve learnt a lot from them.

Both parents are music lovers, indeed my wife and I met for the first time when attending All Tomorrow’s Parties with them in 2009. It doesn’t seem to me that becoming parents has lessened their love for music. They still manage to discover new music, introducing us to Julia Holter for example. G finds time to post new experimental electronic music discoveries on Facebook. Whilst understandably they don’t get to as many gigs as they once did, they still do get to them, and perhaps appreciate them even more for the relative rarity value.

So, my fears about losing touch with music (which ultimately are fears about losing touch with myself) are somewhat allayed by their experiences. I have also seen some of the many wonderful things about being a parent (and the absolute most difficult as well, but that is another story). Their daughter L, recent drew a picture in my birthday card of “Mark in his smart bow tie”. It really made me happy, and gave me a brief glimpse of the proud, joyous moments that being a parent must bring.

So, I welcome their new arrival to the world, “this strange thing called reality” as G described it when announcing the news today. Although we have moved away to Leeds, and our first child will not grow up together with their second as we once hoped, in our hearts we are close to you.


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