Easter Island

Enjoying a very relaxing extended Easter weekend right now (one of the advantages of working at a University is that most of my bank holiday weekends seem to have extra days bolted on to them). Trying to do all the things that we won’t get much time to do once the baby arrives (in th early stages at least),going out for meals, hanging out with friends, getting up late and so on. Right now I’ve dug out some old vinyl and am laying back on the sofa listening to a battered copy of Cocteau Twins ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ inherited from an old housemate.

I don’t actually much vinyl, and our record player is of particularly poor quality, but the collector part of me has become recently keen on building up a vinyl collection. Just after the arrival of a new baby is unlikely to be the time when I begin to splash out on box sets and limited editions though, so I may have to content myself with a few bargains from second hand shops and ebay for now.

I suspect convenience will be the most important thing when deciding what music to put on once the baby arrives, plus choosing something that won’t distress her. I doubt I will be spending time flicking through our records, deciding what to put on. And it’s even more unlikely I’ll have the time to just sit back and do nothing but take the music in, so for now I am going to relax and enjoy. I am feeling quite ready for our little one to arrive, but that won’t stop me appreciating the relative peace until she does.


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