In a Womb

One of the most joyous parts of my wife’s pregnancy has been seeing and feeling the baby inside the womb (although my wife might dispute the joyous aspect of it at the moment, given how hard the baby has started kicking in the last couple of days).

I remember very vividly the first time I felt the baby move, half asleep one night with my wife’s belly pressed against my back as she slept. It felt like my first private moment with my child, our first two way communication. As the pregnancy has gone on it’s now possible to see as well as feel the movements, although she does have a habit of stopping the moment my wife tells me to look.

Of course it’s believed that babies do respond to sounds they hear in the womb, so it’s been interesting to try and spot if there have been any particular types or pieces of music that have set her off. My nephew was apparently very keen on Dizzee Rascal when in the womb. Our baby will have heard a lot of 6music over the last 8 and a half months, a fair bit of the Velvet Underground, Laura Veirs and King Creosote, although admittedly the one piece of music she will have heard most often is probably the theme tune to Pointless.

I asked my wife what she thought the baby had been most responsive to and she said simply ‘brass’. Which was proven a moment later when she began bopping around to Ramon Morris’s ‘Sweet Sister Funk’. I was once told by a friend of ours who plays in a brass band that I had the lips of a cornet player, so perhaps that is where our baby’s musical future lies. The one thing that gets her moving more that anything though is when my wife sings and plays her acoustic guitar, proving that no sound can match a mother’s voice.


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