Birth Music

My wife chose her playlist for the birth over the weekend, including Portishead, Broadcast, Lou Reed, Fever Ray and Beethoven. An impressive and varied selection, although of course I am somewhat biased.

It’s hard to know what kind of music will actually be most helpful during the birth. Something relaxing to play in the background and help create a calm atmosphere? Something with positive associations for the two of us? Or just something that seems right, without any particular reason? I think my wife’s selection is a mixture of all of the above (although we’ll also have the iPod with us, in case when the time comes something entirely different is required).

One thing I know is that my own musical preferences are not that relevant in this case. If I start making suggestions or trying to amend the playlist during the course of the birth, I can imagine what my wife’s (justified) response would be!

When I remember our wedding, the music that we chose for the ceremony is a very vivid part of those memories. I don’t know that the same will be true of the birth of our first child, but anything that helps ease her arrival into the world, even just a little, has got to be a good thing.


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