Open Up Your Tired Eyes

On Monday my wife and I were both awake from about 3am, as my wife had started to experience contractions. At first we thought it might all be happening, but they were a long way apart and got less regular. Just a false start it appears, and not necessarily even a sign that labour is imminent, unfortunately.

It did give me a sneak preview of the interrupted nights that lay ahead however, and whilst I got through the next day at work ok (with a little more coffee than usual), it did worry me somewhat how tired and grumpy I was by the end of the day. My wife and I are not generally grumpy sorts and don’t bicker much, but if we do it’s usually either when we’re tired and/or hungry.

I’m a little concerned about the effect that an extended period of tiredness will have, especially as my wife and I were both very bad at sleeping through the night as babies, and even toddlers. We will just have to hope that it’s not hereditary and that we adapt to the lack of sleep over time.

Tiredness also tends to affect how I consume music. Typically on my way to and from work I’m listening to either music or podcasts, but when I’m tired I find it hard to take it in, or even to devote the energy to choosing something to listen to.

Some years ago I had a job I didn’t particularly enjoy, so always struggled to get to sleep on a Sunday night, knowing the week of work lay ahead. My solution tended to be listening to the first Rage Against The Machine album to try and wake myself up of a Monday morning. So during the sleep-deprived early months of my daughter’s life I expect I’ll either be listening to something shouty and loud to blast away the cobwebs, or to nothing at all.


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