Are you hungry, did you eat before the show?

I don’t for a moment pretend that I have any idea how much having a baby is going to change our lives, but one thing that’s fairly certain is that we won’t be going to as many gigs as we ideally would like. It will probably take a little while before we’re comfortable leaving our little one with babysitters, and even once we do, I’ve no idea what our preferred way of spending our rare free evenings will be.

I’m not too fussed, having got past the stage in my life where I feel I’ve missed out if any band I remotely enjoy comes to town and I don’t go and see them. One thing that has frustrated me slightly though is how many of the bands I most want to see have announced gigs for the first month or two after our due date. It has started to feel a bit like they’re doing on purpose.

First up, Pixies, probably my all time favourites, are over in the UK including a Manchester show in June, but. I thought I have seen them 5 times since they reformed so I don’t feel too bad.  Then Neil Young announced a Liverpool date in July. His show at Manchester Apollo back in about 2008 was one of the best I’ve ever been to, and I’d love to see him again. I’m not so keen on arena shows though, so again didn’t feel too bad at missing out.

Then Courtney Love announced a solo date in Leeds. Hole were my favourite band as a teenager, and even though I’ve no idea how good Courtney’s solo material might be, I still wouldn’t normally miss out when she was in town. And the final straw, Prince suddenly announced he was playing the Leeds Arena later this month. Again, one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen, playing just down the road. First ever show in Leeds, and who know if or when there will be another one? The only thing to make me feel better about this one is the ticket prices.

Still when she finally arrives in a few hours, days or weeks time, I doubt very much I will be thinking about any of this. I’ve spent half of my life at gigs, and don’t intend for that change too much in future. I’m sure I can cope with a little hiatus.


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