The Birth


I write this post with one hand, my newborn daughter curled up post feed in the other. She arrived into this world at 3.17am on Wednesday, and life will never be the same again. Instead of just writing about fatherhood, I will be experiencing it first hand.

The labour and birth were tough. I won’t go into too many gory details here, except to say that the contractions were going on and off for 8 days before the birth, and were especially painful as the baby was back to back with the mother rather than the more usual back to front.

My daughter was finally born in an operating theatre, which is never where you want these things to take place. The whole experience was vaguely surreal, with me in my oversized scrubs, my wife on an operating table, seemingly dozens of medical staff running about, some of whom I recognised from the telly, as the hospital in question had previously featured on a TV series. The strangest thing of all though, was that in the theatre they had Absolute 90s on the radio, so the first thing I heard on entering was ‘Three Lions’ the Euro 96 Football song.

My daughter ended up being born to mid 90s dance pop tune ‘Sunshine After The Rain’ by Berri. I should have known when writing my previous post on our birthing playlist that things don’t always go to plan, but I never expected this, or that I would be listening to Nirvana’s ‘In Bloom’ whilst doctors made sure my newborn daughter was able to breathe.

Still, she’s here now, my wife is recovering, and all is good in the world. Love you daughter, and this song will always remind me of you:

6 thoughts on “The Birth

  1. Lovely post. My eldest (of three) was born ten years ago to the sounds of Kate Rusby’s ‘Underneath the Stars’ album and listening to it now takes me right back to that magical moment.

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