All you other brothers can deny

I find myself singing a lot more than usual at the moment, trying to soothe Frida during a screeching fit, distract her during a nappy change, or sometimes just because it’s an instinctive thing to do whilst holding a baby. It makes me realise that I know very few children’s songs. Not that she has any idea what I’m singing about at this stage of course, but it still feels wrong somehow to be singing a song with inappropriate, irrelevant or miserable lyrics, which ar often the ones that pop into my ahead. It’s not quite reached the stage where I’m singing Sir Mix-A-Lot at her, like in that Friends episode, but it could happen.

Singing out loud also makes me aware how bad I am at remebering lyrics, even to songs I know well, which is strange as I have a pretty good memory for most things. So I’ve always tended to susbstitute lyrics with whatever I’m thinking about anyway, and this has continued when singing to Frida. The only she seems to have responded to is ‘Uptown Girl’, but my personal favourite is substituting ‘Seether’ with ‘Frida’ in the Veruca Salt song. It keeps me entertained anyway, even if she seems somewhat nonplussed.


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