People Funny Girl

Looking for ways to calm Frida during one of her screeching fits,  we tried playing some music to her. One of our parenting books suggested that the song ‘People Funny Boy’ by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry was a good one to try, despite the fact that it starts with the sound of a crying baby. Ironically, a Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry compilation featuring that track is probably the album my wife and I listened to most during the pregnancy, and we had commented that it would be the worst song you could play to a baby, because of the crying noises.

So, we put the song on, to little effect. As I circled round the room, rocking her gently as the CD continued, she did calm a little, but it didn’t last. However, I have found one song which works surprisingly well as a lullaby. Singing Micah P Hinson’s ‘Close Your Eyes’ repeatedly to her does seem to settle her down to some extent. Wonder if he ever expected his music to be used for this purpose?


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