The bright light begins.

So, just a couple of weeks into fatherhood, and I’m already wondering when we’re going to able to get out to gigs again. The reason this has been on my mind is the announcement of a Throwing Muses/Tanya Donelly show in Leeds in September. Now, Throwing Muses are a band that I’m sure I do like, but I’ve not spent much time actually listening to them. Their peak years were before I really started getting into music, and whilst I’ve heard and enjoyed what they’ve released from the mid-nineties onwards, as well as Kristin Hersh’s solo material, I’ve just never quite got round to going back and listening to their classic albums.

However, Throwing Muses do have a special place in the hearts of my wife and I as they were the first band my wife and I watched together. We met at the Breeders’s curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in 2009 and they were one of the first bands on the opening night. I would very much like to see them again, even if just for that reason. Tanya Donelly, I’ve been a fan of for over twenty years from The Breeders and Belly, through to her solo albums (the track below is one of my favourites), so would also love to see.

So, the question is, will we be ready to leave Frida with a babysitter (for which read one of her grandmothers) and go for a night out together by September? It’s hard to imagine now, not least because at this early stage my wife is breastfeeding at least every couple of hours, so it’s not practical for her to be away from Frida for too long. By the time of the gig though, she will be over four months, so things will be different. We just don’t yet know exactly how.

My inclination is to just buy the tickets, and if we can’t go I’m sure we can find someone to take them off our hands. At this early stage when everything revolves around Frida and nights out seem an impossibility, it will be good at least to have something for just the two of us to look forward to.


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