The earworm has turned

The songs that leap into my brain are often embarrassingly literal. For example, I’ll start singing ‘Dominos’ by The Big Pink, and my wife will ask “Are you singing that because you’re thinking about getting takeaway tonight”, and I’ll realise that is exactly why. So, of course, having a baby has meant a whole new range of songs in my head. For obvious reasons this includes anything with the word baby in the title, especially this Richard Hawley song:

Also, anything with girl in the title or chorus, which gives me an excuse to post one of my all time favourite videos:

Plus, this Grace Jones song, for obvious reasons:

Sleepyhead by Passion Pit is another, although this is often wishful thinking:

And finally ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay. Not a song I especially like, but often pops into my head at the moment. Those who have seen the contents of a newborn’s nappy will know why.


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