I need your grace

I’ve had even less opportunity than usual to listen to music recently, as, due to circumstances too complicated to relate, my mother-in-law has been staying with us for nearly two weeks. Now, I’m not going to go all seventies comedian on you and start making mother-in-law jokes, because she’s a lovely, kind and generous woman and I get on well with her, but having any house guest for that length of time makes it hard to relax, especially with a 6 week old baby in the house (this all reminds me of John Thomson’s Bernard Manning parody by the way)

Even whilst Frida’s napping I don’t really feel like I can just sit back and put some tunes (plus the World Cup is also eating into my music time, which is no-one’s fault but my own). Fortunately she’s out for a while, and my wife is at baby massage, so I’m taking the opportunity to listen to ‘The Invisible Way’ by one of my favourite bands, Low. I was bought it at Christmas, and have barely found time to listen to it since.

As always, I’m enjoying it. Low are one of those bands where I like every album they put out, even if their absolutely peak was over a decade ago now, with ‘The Secret Name’ and ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’. I’ve been listening to them since I first heard them on John Peel in around 1997. Whilst it used to the be the case with Low, and other bands I love, that I would rush out and by their latest album as soon as it was released, now I’m a bit more relaxed, knowing they’re not going anywhere and I’ll get round to them at some point.

Whilst it’s unlikely Low will ever again put out an album that is one of my favourites of all time, there’s something very comforting about knowing there are bands I’ve been listening to for over 20 years, putting out another good album every couple of years. I’ll leave you with won’t my favourite off The Invisible Way:



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