Easy pealers

Choosing what music to have on at home is tricky at the moment. Frida’s napping schedule is still fairly unpredictable, and I tend to worry about putting on anything too uptempo or loud (despite their being no actual evidence that this prevents her from sleeping). I’m tending to listen to a lot of instrumental albums that are quiet and gentle enough to serve as background music, but are then interesting enough to reward my full attention when Frida does drop off.

My latest discovery is Peals, a side project of one of the guys from the currently much-hyped Future Islands. The album consists of entirely instrumental tracks, at the softest end of post-rock. Chiming guitars, synth oscillations and cellos feature prominently, but there is no drums or bass, lending the album a lullaby-like quality. Whilst it’s easy to let it wash over you, it rewards those times when I can pay it my full attention. The complex and intricate patterns begin to reveals themselves and I get drawn in to it’s delicate beauty (until of course Frida awakens again). Anyway, have a listen and see what you think:

Peals – Walking Field


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