Poor boy

I still wonder sometimes about the songs I choose to sing to Frida. The latest I’ve been using to try and get to sleep at night is a version of this song from the Coen Brothers ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’:

I’m not sure if a blues song about being hanged is entirely appropriate for a three month old. I’ve changed the words of course, and she has no idea what I’m singing anyway, but it still doesn’t sit quite right somehow. An absolutely beautiful song, however (maybe not so much when I sing it).

The other song I’ve been singing a lot to her this week is ‘Joy Division Oven Gloves’ by Half Man Half Biscuit (after a friend posted a picture of some actual Joy Division Oven Gloves that someone had made on Twitter). I think the satirical message of the song may be lost on her, but she seems to enjoy it anyhow and it’s a song I’m glad to have back in my brain.


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