Borrowed Tune

I’ve written a lot here about how having a baby has changed my relationship with music. However, eveything I’ve written has been about how I listen to and consume music. I haven’t written about anything about writing and creating music.

For many reasons I never really tried to make music in my younger days, no matter how much time I spent listening to it. I lacked the patience to learn an instrument, and never got much further than playing ‘Three Blind Mice’ on the recorder at primary school. I was also way too shy to perform music live. The closest I got was at age 14 when one of my friends who had formed a band invited me onstage mid-set at a house party to perform a couple of Oasis songs that I happened to know the words to. I refused, of course, and this was close as I ever came to rock stardom

I never believed that I had any musical ability, which may well be true (I certainly don’t have rhythm), but more importantly I lacked the confidence to discover whether that belief was actually true. A couple of years ago, much older, a little more confident, and the owner of a shiny new Ipad with GarageBand installed, I thought I might finally give it a go.

I managed to finish one complete track and half-finished several others (the completed one can be found on my SoundCloud account). I’m not claiming it’s any good, or even average, but I’m still quite proud that I created something at least vaguely resembling a piece of music. It made me wonder what might have happened if the technology to make music easily and cheaply in your bedroom had existed when I was younger.

Since Frida came along, I haven’t even opened GarageBand. Time is so limited, and this blog is now my creative outlet of choice. Whilst I enjoyed my brief foray into music making (and may go back to it one day), writing is ultimately more my thing, and I hope that I will always find the time for this.


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