The accidentals


I wrote last week about my own faltering attempts to make music, and I can now report on Frida’s first steps into music making. As you can see above, she has a new playmat (kindly donated by my sister) which plays musical notes when she kicks them. Of course she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she just likes kicking things, so it’s all a bit freeform and avant-garde at present.

As both my wife and I are music lovers, we really hope that Frida will be too. For different reasons we both wish we had made more of an attempt, or had more of a chance, to create music when we younger. So we’re really keen for Frida to learn an instrument or instruments when she’s ready, but we’re also a bit wary of pushing her towards something she might not actually want to do. Of course the danger is we’ll do this unknowingly even if we try not to, but I’m pretty confident that we’re not going to end up being those parents who force their child to sit down for 5 hours of piano lessons every day after school, in the hope of creating a prodigy. I can still daydream about seeing her one day on stage, guitar, violin, trombone or piccolo in hand though.


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