As my daughter is too young to be interested in, or even aware of, Disney, I’ve managed to mainly avoid any exposure to the Frozen phenomenon. Although judging from friends with older kids it would be a pretty major part of my life if she was four or five. I think I’ve managed to avoid even hearing the ubiquitous ‘Let it Go’ although I have seen the parody video by a young girl in which she changes all the lyrics to be about poo.

I found this absolutely hilarious. I’ve always tended to change the words to songs myself, and when I was that age it was quite likely that my substitute lyrics would be about poo, wee or some kind of toilet humour. As a sniggering teenager it would have been anything vaguely sexual or rude sounding, and now it’s any of the above o anything generated by the seemingly endless word association generator in my head.

Now that I’m a father, I suppose that I’m supposed to be a grown up. And I always assumed that being a grown up would mean that I would no longer find things like farts and rude words amusing, but they seem to be as funny as ever. Does this mean even my mum still finds them amusing? If so, she hides it well.

My concern is, when my daughter is older, how will I be able to tell her to stop singing rude songs when I still secretly find it amusing? In fact I’m not sure I would want to her to stop. There are many ways she could make me proud, and becoming a YouTube sensation singing a song about poo is certainly one of them. I’ll just have to teach her that there are times when singing about poo is appropriate and times it isn’t. And try to teach myself to keep a straight face so as not to encourage too much.

2 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Its always appropriate to sing about poo πŸ™‚ I am completely envious of the things that you are only able to get away with as a child, (at always the most inappropriate moment!) that you can no longer as an adult, you just need to make sure you teach her to always sing them with an innocent angelic look on her face,(which Im sure will be ever present anyway) and to try and mask the mischievious glint in her eye! πŸ™‚

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