It just happens to be that year

A rare, and much deserved, night out for my wife tonight. Frida has long since been put to bed, the washing up has been done and if I have any other chores they have conveniently slipped my mind. So a couple of hours of relaxation time to myself, to catch up on the blog and put some music on the stereo (Frazey Ford, since you ask).

That’s the theory at least. Frida has always tended to sleep best the first few hours after we put her down for the night, so usually we don’t get disturbed between about 7 and 10 (and if we’re lucky a fair bit longer). However, that’s all gone out of the window the last week or two and her wake-ups have become much more regular and at seemingly random times. When she was consistently sleeping during the evening, it meant we were able to relax once she’d gone to sleep, knowing our evening was unlikely to be disturbed. Now we have no idea when she’s going to wake up, so the evenings become tense. It’s hard to enjoy slumping in front of the TV when one eye and one ear are on the baby monitor, plus we’re even tireder than usual due to all the additional wake-ups during the previous nights.

Still, overall I would say she isn’t a bad sleeper, and tonight I have been so far undisturbed. (typically, two minutes after I typed this sentence she woke up after all). My wife, I assume, is enjoying her evening at the John Shuttleworth show. For those of you not familiar with his work, he’s a comedy character created by comedian Graham Fellows, a slightly nerdy northern man in his fifties, singing songs such as ‘I Can’t go Back to Savoury Now’ and ‘Two Margarines on the go’ accompanied by his Yamaha home keyboard:

Graham Fellows also had a punk era hit back in the Seventies as Jilted John, which appeared  on a double cassette punk compilation that both my wife and I happened to own in our teens and was a formative influence on both of our musical tastes. So I am slightly jealous that I’m not there, but most of all I’m looking forward to going to gigs together again. We met watching bands (as I’ve written about before) and I hope that, no matter how old we get, it’s something we always do.


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