Time in mind

It’s been another fallow period for the blog, mainly due to an accountancy exam I had to sit last week and general work related busyness. Between work, exams, driving lessons (as I somehow made in to 34 without learning to drive) and the ever increasing amount of housework that comes with a 6 month old baby, free time has been at a premium recently. What free time I do have I want  to spend with my wife and daughter, and in the little I have left I try to cram in my interests in music, reading and sports, keep in touch with my friends and write this blog. It’s not surprising that something has to give.

When I was younger I seem to have endless time to fill and would think nothing of spending full days lounging around on the sofa with a book and some CDs on, or 5 days watching a test match. Yet, when you have so much free time, it becomes strangely dull after a while, especially if you’re without someone to share it with. And now, with so little free time, it can be hard to enjoy, because there is too much I want to do with it. Somewhere in the middle there is, I hope, a balance. Busy, but with just enough free time to dedicate a little to all of my interests.

There will always be a little part of me that yearns for the long, lazy days of my youth, because we always want what we don’t have. I would never want to go back to that time in my life though, as the moments spent with my family  are more valuable than the days when I could do exactly as I pleased, but had no-one to please but myself.


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