Progressive House

Been a few weeks since I posted here as I’ve been kept busy working on another writing project for most of March, (will reveal more if and when it comes to fruition). In the meantime, my previous post on Josie Long made its’ way, through the friend of a friend to Josie herself. I am told she liked it, which is pleasing of course, although also a slightly strange feeling as when I write about a comedian or musician I don’t expect them to actually end up reading it.

When I decided to write a blog on fatherhood and music I wanted to write about how fatherhood changed my relationship with music, and also about my child’s (or children – we’ll see about that one) relationship with music. I realise that I have written a lot more about the former than the latter, so thought it was time for a quick update on Frida’s musical progress at 10 months old.

We tend to have the radio on during mealtimes, and when certain songs come on she will bop up and down in a manner which is kind of like dancing. I haven’t spotted any particular pattern in the sons she enjoys as yet, apart from a slight predilection towards ska and reggae (must be all the Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry we were listening to whilst she was in the womb). She also claps along to the music at times, already displaying a better sense of rhythm than her dad.

She has numerous musical toys and books, with differing irritation levels to the adult listener, and once she figures out how to get them to play a tune she will do so, sit there clapping away until it finishes, and that start it all over again. Fortunately her boredom threshold is still pretty low, so she will usually be distracted by something else before too many repetitions.

At her baby sensory and tiny tempo classes, she seems to have learnt the actions to some of the songs. Ok, perhaps just one, as she’ll wave away happily during the ‘give me a wave’ song. It may be a while before she can do ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, The Hokey-Cokey or Gangnam Style however (check me out, with my up to date cultural references). She also seems to enjoy my wife and I singing to her, particularly our joint rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. I’m fairly sure this is the first time anyone has ever enjoyed my singing voice.

So, there is definitely some level of recognition and enjoyment of music and I’m very much looking forward to see how it grows. Will have her listening to The Smiths in no time (this is supposed to be a joke, but the daughter of one of my wife’s friends was apparently a fan by age 3).


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