A song to start your week: Fischerspooner – Emerge

It has been suggested that the recommendations in my ‘On a Friday’ series of weekly music recommendations have been a little on the depressing side. As three have been about death and the fourth was by The Smiths, there may be something to the accusation. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of bleak as a Brighton friend of mine might say, but balance is the key. So this is the start of a second series, with a weekly recommendation of some loud, energetic or fun to start your week. It will be called, imaginitavely, On a Monday.

The song I’m writing about this week, I first heard being played by the bizarrely nicknamed ‘Baron of Techno’ Dave Clarke back around the turn of the millennium. He generally played hard-hitting austere techno in his DJ sets, so when he started playing a wonderfully catch electro-pop number on a regular basis, it really stood out.

The song was Fischerspooner’s ‘Emerge’. It soon became a firm favourite of my friends and I, and it’s popularity spread to the point where Fischerspooner were signed to an allegedly massive contract by Ministry of Sound and hyped as the next big thing. ‘Emerge’ was expected to be a massive hit single and was promoted with press adverts that read “1977 I Feel Love, 1983 Blue Monday, 2002 Emerge”, audaciously putting it on a pedestal with two of the greatest records of all time. Of course, it flopped (relatively speaking), and Fischerspooner were gleefully smashed by the music press as a triumph of style over substance.

The thing is, it’s a brilliant record, not just one of my favourite electro records, but one of my favourites of any type. Even 15 years on it still excites me and makes me feel I need to be on a dancefloor. I might be the only person who believes the  comparisons to I Feel Love and Blue Monday were not so far-fetched. Fischerspooner may be a little remembered punchline to most music fans, especially in the UK, but I least, will always be fond of them.


One thought on “A song to start your week: Fischerspooner – Emerge

  1. amethyst3704 May 10, 2015 / 7:45 pm

    Whoops, accidentally published this one a day early!

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