Fisher Price Record Player

My daughter’s birthday, which I wrote about last week, turned out to be a bit of a damp squib (or damp squid). She was full of a cold (now shared by the whole family) and also terrible teething pains, so spent most of the day tired and grumpy. The birthday picnic we had planned for yesterday was also cancelled due to a combination of poorlyness and bad weather. Admittedly, we should have known that Yorkshire in May can not be relied upon for blazing sunshine.


Still, it wasn’t all bad. There was rather excellent cake (pictured above) provided by my mother-in-law. Also, some wonderful presents, with my daughter’s toy box and wardrobe both doubling in size overnight. Perhaps my favourite present, and certainly the most relevant to this blog was the Fisher Price record player.  She may only be one year old, but it’s never too young to start a record collection.

I’d like to think it will teach her that music doesn’t only come from a computer, but can also take physical form. She certainly doesn’t understand the concept yet though, as soon as a record starts spinning she yanks it violently from the turntable. I’m hoping she doesn’t start doing that with our actual vinyl records, or they won’t be lasting long.



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