Stuff mom never told you

I was a bit late to the world of podcasts, but have embraced it wholeheartedly in the last couple of years, and especially since our daughter was born. The older I get the more I want to fill my brain with information, but I rarely have the time to read and when I do have the time I’m too tired to have the inclination. Podcasts are perfect for those bus journeys to work when my eyes are to weary to take in words, and for listening to whilst doing chores (which seem to have magically increased in number, for some strange reason).

I’ve been listening to podcasts on sports, comedy, politics, music, books, film and much else besides. History is another favourite topic and I recently a devoured an epic 170-odd part podcast on the history of Rome (fascinating and entertaining, but they did seem to steal a lot of the storylines from Game of Thrones). An unexpected favourite is the Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast, which covers a massive variety of topics related to women and gender. To give you a flavour, in the last couple of months they’ve covered topics as varied as trophy wives, women in carpentry and haute couture feminism.


Whilst I started listening to the podcast before I became a father, becoming a father to a daughter has made me taken an even closer interest, as they discuss and dissect the challenges facing women in today’s world. Despite the often difficult subject matter (the episodes on stalking and harassment were particularly depressing), presenters Cristen and Caroline manage to stay positive in the main. Each episode is clearly deeply researched and contains a remarkable amount of information for a 45 minute podcast, but the presentation makes the subject matter accessible and entertaining even to a novice

As my daughter grows up, there will be many challenges and opportunities she faces, so as a father being forearmed with as much information and knowledge as possible seems like it can only be a good thing. Stuff Mom Never Told You is one of the best sources of information I know. If you are a woman, have a daughter, mother or sister, or have ever met a woman, I recommend you have a listen.

Ps. Why not start with last weeks episodes on changing attitudes to the baby bump, and the pressure on women to lose weight after pregnancy.


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