Track of the week : Sacred Paws – Vince

I first saw Sacred Paws at ‘Riots not Diets‘ an excellent Riot Grrrl music/film night in Brighton, which I miss greatly since I left that city. I enjoyed them very much, tried to Google them the next day and found absolutely no information. This may well be because I misunderstood their name as ‘Sacred Pause’. I promptly forgot about them completely until earlier this year when a song came on the radio that was both captivating and strangely familiar:

The song was ‘Vince’ by Sacred Paws, the standout track from their debut EP released earlier this year. The intertwining guitars remind me of Sleater-Kinney, but a softer, more delicate version of that band. One thing I love about this song is that it reminds me that great music, once heard, will always find you in the end. Also, one member of Sacred Paws is in another fantastic band, Shopping (who are coincidentally also very difficult to Google). So check them out too!


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