School Diner

Our local primary school was rather bizarrely hosting a street food festival, named School Diner, this weekend, which was unexpected but welcome. I’m all in favour of lots of tasty food vendors turning up five minutes walk from my house, so let’s hope it becomes a regular event. We were already committed to attend two children’s parties this weekend though, so could only pop into the festival briefly on the Saturday to say hello to a few friends in attendance.


There was a live jazz trio playing somewhere over the other side of the playground, and it crossed my mind that this might be our daughter’s first live music experience. Not that she was aware of what was going on of course, in fact I she was mainly napping in her stroller. It did get me wondering what her first live music memory would be though. Myself, I don’t remember being around live music much when I was little. Which is not to say it didn’t happen of course, my memories of childhood are surprisingly vague. I don’t think my mum attended a lot of live music events, but she did attend a lot  of political events; marches, rallies and so on, so I expect there would have been bands playing at some of them.

The only thing I specifically remember is the West Indian Carnival which used to end up each year in Potternewton Park, just down the road from where we lived when I was 7-10 years old. I don’t remember it all that clearly, but I do specifically remember seeing a reggae band (Aswad,perhaps?) and feeling the bass. After that nothing until I was about 12, on holiday in Scotland, and there happened to be a Radio 1 Roadshow taking place nearby. We went of course, and saw not only Reel 2 Reel featuring the Mad Stuntman perform ‘I Like To Move It’ and Stiltskin, of Levi’s advert fame, perform their one hit ‘Inside’. Legends of music both, I’m sure you’ll agree.

After that, there was nothing until I started going to see live music in earnest in my teens. I suspect our daughter will have plenty more live music experiences at a young age than I did, (whether she likes it or not) but who knows what she might remember?


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