Track of the week : Belle and Sebastian – The Boy Done Wrong Again

The Belle and Sebastian theme of the week continues with this week’s Friday music recommendation. There are many songs of theirs which I love, but ‘The Boy Done Wrong Again’ is the one that stands out most, because of one particular occasion on which I heard it.

I had had been on a drunken night out the night previously, and behaved in a particularly poor fashion, upsetting a good friend of mine. You know how it is (or maybe you don’t) when you first wake up the morning after a night drinking, full of remorse at your behaviour. It felt, briefly, like the end of the world. So I slouched around the living room, listening to sad songs, and happened upon Belle and Sebastian’s ‘If You’re Feeling Sinister’ album.

‘The Boy Done Wrong Again’ was a song from that album I had never paid much mind to before, but that morning the tale of regret and shame it told spoke to me as I lay on my sofa feeling ineffably sad. As it turned out, the whole situation had resolved itself by the time the week was out, but it’s a beautiful song which reminds me of that morning to this day.


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