10 Songs to Make Your Toddler Dance

These 10 songs have all made my my one year old daughter dance over the last few weeks. So I can only assume they will be guaranteed* to make your toddler dance as well. I should also add that by dancing I mean ‘swaying back and forth in an excited manner only vaguely in time with the music’. So pretty similar to her dad’s dancing style really.

* Not a guarantee

1. Little Eva – The Locomotion

Kudos to her for choosing to dance to the original rather than the 1980s Kylie Minogue version. However, I’m a little disappointed she didn’t do the chugga-chugga motion dance that is clearly described in the song.

2. Hot Chip – Need You Now

My daughter displaying superb taste here, bopping away to the excellent new single from one of my favourite bands. Although it has been played pretty much constantly on our preferred radio station BBC 6Music, so the law of averages suggests she was bound to dance to it eventually.

3. Daft Punk – Digital Love

Not wanting to go with the obvious world-dominating Daft Punk choice of ‘Get Lucky’ , my daughter chose to dance to this track from their 2001 ‘Discovery’ album instead. If she truly wants to be a music snob like her daddy, she probably should have gone for their Alive 1997 live album recorded at the Que Club in Birmingham (coincidentally one of my old clubbing haunts)

4. Paula Abdul – Straight Up

My daughter dances to this, I bore her by telling her about the time I saw Thea Gilmore cover it live. It’s alright though, she can’t understand me yet in any case. It may be a few years before she truly understands how boring I can be when talking about music.

5. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My daughter is a girl. She (presumably) just wants to have fun. Therefore a very logical choice of song to dance to.

6. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Ok, so we may have been listening to Absolute 80s rather than our usual radio station, is that a crime?

7. Pavement – Stereo

Not the most obviously danceable song, but once again I have to commend her for her excellent taste. I may well have been dancing round my room to this 18 years ago. In a related note, I feel old.

8. Belle and Sebastian – Nobody’s Empire

I wrote a post a couple of weeks back on how Belle and Sebastian’s ‘The Party Line‘ is the only song of theirs you can dance to. My daughter decided to prove me wrong by dancing to this one at every opportunity. Clearly she’s just out to undermine me.

9. Queens of The Stone Age – No One Knows

On the other hand, there was a show about Josh Homme on the radio whilst we were eating lunch the other day, and I commented how ‘No One Knows’ is the only song of theirs I really like. It then came on the radio and my daughter immediately started dancing to it. So she can prove me right occasionally too.

10. Toots and The Maytals – Reggae Got Soul

My wife and I love Toots & The Maytals. We love Reggae. We love Soul. So when our daughter danced to this one we started to think that maybe our diabolical plans to influence her musical taste will work after all.


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