Track of the week : Vashti Bunyan – Train Song

Two reasons why this song is particularly on my mind this week. Firstly, I wrote about Vashti Bunyan in my piece on memory at the weekend. Secondly, as this is published I will be on a train to Brighton (our first long train journey with small child in tow, wish us luck!)

I actually first became aware of this song in a cover by Feist and Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie. I put it on a mix CD for my wife in the early days of our relationship, and we both loved the song but had no idea it was a cover. So when we went to see Vashti Bunyan play in Brighton, the first show we had been to after moving in together, and she played this song it was both a surprise and a delight. Not just because of it being a wonderful song, but also the realistion why the version we knew sounded so classic, because it turned out it was.


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