A song to start your week : FFS – Collaborations Don’t Work

When they first formed I may have been a bit snarky about FFS, the collaborative project between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks. This was mainly on the basis that Sparks have been making unique, wonderful music for over 40 years now, so I wasn’t sure what Franz Ferdinand, who haven’t seemed relevant for a decade now, could add. And whilst it’s true that many of the songs on the album sound very much like Sparks songs with a tighter rhythm section and different backing vocals, ‘Collaborations Don’t Work’ is very much an exception.

Lyrically it lays into the whole idea of collaborations “Warhol didn’t need to ask De Kooning about art” sings Russell Mael. “If I ever need a father it won’t be you old man” responds Alex Kapranos. It even manages to musically satirise the idea of collaborations. Rather than a cohesive whole, it starts off as a Sparks song, before morphing into Franz Ferdiand superbly pastiching themselves, then back to a Sparks song again.

Like almost everything Sparks do it’s funny and fun and highly likely to cheer you up on a wet Monday morning. Enjoy!


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