Track of the Week : Sleater-Kinney – Leave You Behind

I’m surprised it’s take me this long to choose a Sleater-Kinney track as my track of the week. They have been one of my absolute favourite bands since back in the late nineties. I remember reading a live review in the NME, deciding I was definitely going to like them without having heard a note of their music, and rushing out to but heir album ‘Dig Me Out’ which would no doubt be in my all time top 10 if I could be bothered to put it together. (Note – my musical impulse purchases do not always work out quite so well)

It’s been pleasing and surprising to watch their resurgence since reforming this year. They were always critically acclaimed, but seemed to struggle to find an audience, playing less than full mid-size venues. Now, finally, their popularity seems to match their reputation, and thoroughly deserved it is true.
Most of Sleater-Kinney’s best known songs are either from the latest album or the aforementioned breakthrough ‘Dig Me Out’, but there are so many others to love in their catalogue. ‘Leave You Behind, from 2000’s ‘All Hands of The Bad One’ is my choice. One of the slower songs they do so well (and which were absent from the latest album), it’s the harmonies in the chorus that get you, reminding me almost of a doo-wop song. Achingly sad and beautiful, but to my mind underrated*, everyone should have a listen.
Buy ‘All Hands on The Bad One’ from Amazon
Or from Juno

*Although it was 12th on this ranking of every Sleater-Kinney song ever by Spin magazine so I could well be wrong


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