A song to start your week : Ata Kak – Obaa Sima

This week’s song to start your week, comes courtesy of the superb ‘Awesome Tapes from Africa‘ blog. The blogĀ finds music which has been only released on tape in Africa available online for the world to hear, bringing some great music to a wider audience.

Ata Kak, is one of Awesome Tapes biggest success stories. Released on tape in Ghana in 1994 (just 50 copies!), and much loved when posted on the blog, they finally managed to track Ata Kak down and agree to a worldwide physical release of the Obaa Sima album in 2015, to great acclaim. A mixture of late eighties techno & house, frenetic rapping and super catchy pop backing vocals, I can’t do it justice, so just have a listen to highlight and title track ‘Obaa Sima’ above.

I was certainly surprised that one of my favourite records of the year came out of 1990s Ghana, and it’s pleasing to believe that great music, no matter how long it languishes in obscurity, will one day be discovered and celebrated.


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