Track of the Week : Nina Simone – Plain Gold Ring

Nina Simone has been very much on my mind since watching the “What Happened Miss Simone?” documentary the other week, so i though I’d choose a song of hers as my song of the week this week.

There are many great songs I could choose of course. The angry, powerful ‘Mississippi Goddam’. The proud, joyous ‘I Got Life’. The classic ‘Feeling Good’. But ‘Plain Gold Ring’ is perhaps my favourite, not just for the song itself but the context in which I first heard it.

DJ Rupture‘s Minesweeper Suite is my all time favourite mix album, and my favourite moment of it is when the brash, loud mixture of electronica, hip-hop and arabic music cuts out to leave just the spare, plaintive vocals of Nina Simone’s ‘Plain Gold Ring’, a brief, beautiful respite in a sea of chaos. Enjoy!


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