A song to start your week : The Prodigy – Out of Space

As it’s a bank holiday here in the UK this week, the week will be starting a day later than usual (the working week at least, Monday will still exist). For those of you in other countries, think of this as an early week pick me up instead.

The Prodigy first reached critical acclaim with their second album, ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’ and had worldwide success with the follow-up ‘The Fat of the Land’. But if I’m honest it’s their earliest songs I love the most, from the days when they were seen as a novelty rave act. These are the ones that make me smile, and leap around the dancefloor like a loon (I once went to a wedding in Braintree, The Prodigy’s home town. The DJ played a lot of their records. It was fun.)

Of the early records, Out of Space has to be my favourite. It has a joyful, manic intensity and perfectly chosen vocal samples from Max Romeo and the Ultramagnetic MCs (not the last time they would be sampled by The Prodigy) I can’t imagine many more fun ways to start your week than this.


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