Track of the Week : Tammi Terrell – All I Do Is Think About You

Forgive me for being a little self-indulgent this week, but I mentioned in my blog on dancing yesterday, that the first dance at my wedding was to a pretty wonderful song, and as my wedding anniversary was last week, I thought I’d write a little about it.

Tammi Terrell was Motown’s great lost talent, finding fame through a series of duets with Marvin Gaye in the late 1960s before dying from a brain tumour in 1970 aged just 24. Her solo recordings were few, but beautiful, with ‘All I Do Is Think About You’ the pinnacle. A perfect Motown track, all sumptous strings and gorgeous backing vocals, with a lead vocal that’s the distillation of pure love (all though my personal connections with the song may well have some impact on that opinion).

It’s astonishing to learn that ‘All I Do Is Think About You’ was not released at the time of recording in 1966, nor upon Terrell’s death. In fact it was only officially released in 2002, a belated gift to soul lovers worldwide. If that includes you, have a listen, what are you waiting for?


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