Track of the week : Four Tet – Morning Side

I always struggle with the best word to describe a piece of music. My Monday series is called  ‘A song to start your week‘, but to me, song implies singing, and the word is wholly inadequate to describe, say, ‘Windowlicker’ by Aphex Twin. This series is called Track of the Week, but track is not a word I’d use in general conversation “I love this track” just doesn’t sound right, for example. ‘Piece’ sounds a little pretentious, and ‘tune’ is only acceptable if you’re drunk and/or high.

Anyway, this all a very long winded way of saying the new Four Tet album Morning/Evening doesn’t follow a typical album structure. The vinyl is two sides, Morning Side and Evening Side and each side is one 20 minute-ish continuous piece of music. Of the two, Morning Side is my favourite. It’s Four Tet at his mellowest, moving away (for now) from the club orientated sound of recent times. Subtle, dreamy electronica capped by a gorgeous sampled Indian vocal which weaves in and out of the music. When it ends, you’re amazed 20 minutes has passed

Whether it qualifies as a song, or a track or whatever else, it’s my favourite thing Four Tet has done since his Rounds album over a decade ago, and I’d recommend it to anyone with any interest at all in electronic music.


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