A song to start your week : Mazes – Salford

It’s always good to hear a song about a place that you know. It must happen an awful lot if you happen to live in Paris, New York or California. Probably less so if you live in Salford. Although I never lived in Salford myself, my decade-plus in Manchester meant I got to know the area a little.

Back in the 1980s when The Smiths were posing in front of Salford Lads Club, a song about the area probably would have been pretty bleak. But, Mazes ‘Salford’ is a burst of dual-vocalled, fuzz-guitared energy, as if Sonic Youth came from the North West of England. Mazes are not very new, being three albums down the line by now, but they’re new to me. If the rest of their catalogue is as good as ‘Salford’ I’ll be paying more attention in future. Enjoy!


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