Track of the Week: The Wave Pictures – Avocado Baby

This week’s track of the week is named after a children’s book, appropriately enough. Avocado Baby was much loved book of my wife when she was a child, so she’s been keen to get it for our daughter. A couple of weeks back we finally got round to buying it, and it seems to have been a hit, with many readings demanded.

I’d never heard of the book, so when I heard The Wave Pictures song of the same name, with its’ chorus of “my eyes still as strong as the avocado baby” it meant nothing to me. The Wave Pictures are perhaps the most lyrically ingenious band I know, so I just thought it was another example of their strange phrasings. I was clearly not the only one with a lack of knowledge of the book, as when Los Campesinos released a song of the same name, many thought it was a Wave Pictures cover, or that they’d stolen the title. The band had to indignantly point out that they had merely used the same source material.

In any case, The Wave Pictures are a band that demand to be heard, and regardless of its’ connection to much loved children’s books ‘Avocado Baby’ is as good a place to start as any.


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