Kids’ album of the month- Molly Ledford & Billy Kelly

As parents will know, most music aimed at kids is massively irritating. But it doesn’t have to be that way, there’s plenty of great music for kids out there. So each month we’ll be presenting a kid’s album of the month, to give you some alternatives to the Frozen soundtrack .

This month: Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly – Trees

For this new series, I thought, why not start with the kids album of 2015, as decided by the excellent kindie music site Zooglobble.

Trees is an album, as you might have guessed, entirely about trees. All credit to Ledford and Kelly for managing to get a whole album of material out of this subject matter, and also for making it so varied. There are uptempo rock n roll stompers like ‘It’s Just a Dumb Old Stick’ (below), there are bluegrass ballads, there are marches, there’s even one song which reminds me of one of my favourite bands, Mates of State.

It has the rare quality of managing to be both educational and funny. The pair’s rapport is obvious, interjecting in each other’s songs and raising genuine lols at times.

Age-wise, I’d say it’s aimed at the mid-primary school range (even the most precocious toddler will struggle with words like photosynthesis).  I can’t vouch for it being the album of 2015, as I’m a relative newcomer to this scene, but  the fact I want to listen to again after finishing this review is surely a good sign.

Buy ‘Trees’ from Bandcamp or listen on Spotify at the top of the page.


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