Kids’ album of the month : Gustafer Yellowgold’s Dark Pie Concerns

As anyone who knows me in real life will realise, I am a big fans of pies. So an album called Gustafer Yellowgold’s Dark Pie Concerns was bound to catch my attention. I was hoping for an album entirely about pie, but alas, it was not the case. It is, however, entirely about food, and more importantly it’s fabulous.

Musically it bears the hallmarks of melodic US indie bands (and it was not a total surprise to find that Gustafer Yellowgold has supported both Wilco and The Polyphonic Spree in the past). Lyrically it is full of bizarre and surreal food-related tales. My favourite song lyrically speaking is Gravy Insane, about a family of bats who make excellent gravy. Musically I am big fan of the electro-vocoder madness of Cakenstein, and the ‘Dark Pie’ of the album’s title is also marvellous.

Dark Pie Concerns is available as a DVD/CD multimedia set, but the songs are good enough to stand up in their own right. In fact, the album has just been nominated for the ‘Best Children’s Album’ Grammy, a category I never even knew existed until a couple of weeks ago.

Whilst probably not suitable for babies and younger toddlers, the vocabulary is not too complex for older-preschoolers, and I reckon children from age 3 up to 8 or 9 will love it (and their parents!)

Buy direct from Gustafer Yellowgold’s website

Or from Hive

And if you have a Spotify account, listen to the full album below:


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