90 songs of my Nineties youth : The Lemonheads – Confetti

The Song

Ah, The Lemonheads. A band that was never taken seriously enough. It might be because they were a melodic indie-pop band that broke through at the time when grunge was dominant. It might be that lead singer Evan Dando was known as much for his good looks and his drug habits as for his songwriting prowess. It might be that their first hit single was a sped-up cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs Robinson (I remember my mum’s disdain when we watched them perform it on Top of the Pops, ruining a much loved song of her youth).

Whatever the reasons for their lack of respect and critical acclaim, they wrote some wonderful songs, and Confetti was the first that I loved. Like all of their best it’s short, deceptively simple and has a devastating chorus. Perfect indie-pop, but with the energy of new-wave.

Does it still sound good today?

Yep. Listening to the song back today does nothing to alter my belief that Dando is one of the more underrated songwriters of the 1990s. And if Confetti is not my absolute favourite Lemonheads song, it still captures everything that was great about the band.

What happened next?

After their breakthrough album It’s a Shame About Ray, which Confetti featured on, The Lemonheads released the almost as successful Come On Feel The Lemonheads a year later in 1993. Then Dando took to taking large quantities of drugs and hanging out with Oasis (not that I’m suggesting these two things are related) and strangely became less productive.

A new album, Car Button Cloth, did emerge in 1996, with a different line-up (Dando was always the only constant of the band). A great album, featuring all time classic ‘If I Could Talk I’d Tell You’, it was less successful than it’s predecessors. The band went on indefinite hiatus the following year.

Dando put out one rather good solo album, then reformed the band in 2006, since when they’ve played live intermittently and released two inessential albums, one of originals, one of covers. But really, the three albums from 1992 to 1996 are all you need.


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