90 songs of my Nineties Youth: The Wannadies – You and Me Song

For a primer on what the (admittedly fairly self-explanatory) series 90 songs of my Nineties Youth is all about see here. This week, the Wannadies with You and Me Song.

The Song

Swedish bands found a fair bit of success in the UK during the Britpop era, and The Wannadies were always my favourite of those groups, ahead of their more successful compatriots The Cardigans. You and Me Song was their biggest hit, a rush of adrenaline, sugar and ba-ba-bas whose “and it’s always you and me always” refrain was impossible to dislodge from the brain.

Does it still sound good today?

You and Me Song is the first song in this series that I now actively dislike. Back in my teens I loved its’ simplicity, catchiness and energy and would listen to the CD single on repeat, but now, on the rare occasions it crops on TV or radio I find it irritating and trite. Always so hard to tell if a song hasn’t stood up to the test of time or if it’s just my personal taste that has changed

What Happened Next?

The Wannadies were barely heard from in the UK after the aptly named Hit (below) broke the top 20 in 1997, but they continued on, releasing 7 albums in total before eventually splitting in 2009 to general indifference. One of the few bands of the 1990s yet to reform, although no doubt it will happen at some point.



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