Track of the week : Anohni – Four Degrees

The last time we heard from Anohni, she was known as Antony, who along with the Johnsons was best known for the plaintive, tremelous songs of love and loss on ‘I Am Bird Now’ which bought much acclaim and a Mercury Prize back in 2005.

So much has changed since then, as Hopelessness, the first album released under the name Anohni, shows. Musically the intimate and understated nature of Antony’s early work have been replaced by the epic, brash electronics of producers Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never. Lyrically, the personal has become the political, with climate change a particular, but my no means the only, focus.

Four Degrees represents everything that’s great about the album. It is wonderfully instant on a purely sonic level, full of fanfares and crashing drums, with Anohni’s voice also more powerful than ever. The lyrics speak of a deep sadness and anger of the damage being wrought upon our planet. A song to soundtrack the end of the world.


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