Kids Song of the Week : Ants on a Log – Some Girls Have Short Hair

I fully believe that it’s never too early to introduce your kids to ‘grown-up’ music. But since starting this blog I’ve discovered loads of great music aimed specifically at kids too, so each week I highlight a favourite kids song, to prove that kids music doesn’t just have to be nursery rhymes and the Frozen soundtrack.

The excellent Out With The Kids podcast is one of the best sources of kids music out there, and their May episode introduced me to the wonderful country-tinged Some Girls Have Short Hair by Ants on a Log. It’s a beautifully simple song, melodic, sweet, and with an important message about not having to conform to gender norms. It sounds a little like The Be Good Tanyas have started writing kids songs, which is only a good thing to these ears.

Buy Some Girls Have Short Hair from Bandcamp, or the album ‘You Could Draw the Album Art’ (whose gimmick you may guess from the title) from Amazon



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