Interview – Meter Bridge

I’m very excited to be featuring my  first interview on On a Good Day, with the Canadian electronic duo Meter Bridge. Meter Bridge consists of Richard Kleef and Jill Beaulieu, and I was lucky enough to chat with Jill about music and parenthood, as I’ve always been fascinated with how artists who are parents balance their creative and family lives. If you’re a newcomer to Meter Bridge’s music, why not check out their video for ‘Filter’ below before reading on?


For my first question can I ask, were your own parents music fans? And what influence did they have on your taste in music?

Yes, my Dad played guitar and sang with my sister and me. My mom loves music but didn’t play. Richards’ mom played the bagpipes in a successful girls’ pipe band. His Dad loved music but never played.

So you were playing music from quite a young age?

I had a keyboard at the age of 9. Richard started playing at the age of 5.

 And have you been playing ever since?

Richard has always played, he has been in several bands. I have been more involved community wise with singing. As a feature during community events like gatherings and funerals etc. Also as a practice singing Sanskrit stotrams. We started writing music together in 2010/2011.


Was it through music that you met?

We met on the street in Nelson when we were teenagers. Music was always central to our relationship. We used to make each other mixed tapes

So, were you already making music together by the time you had children, or did that come later?

It came later. Richard was in a couple different bands before and after kids. We started working together when our daughter was 6 when we acquired some home recording equipment

Do you find it hard to find the time for your music as well as bringing up a daughter? Do you both work other jobs?

We both have jobs. I work all year long as a Registered Massage Therapist and Richard does seasonal silviculture work. He generally has more time in the off season so he has time to write when he isn’t working.

 Do you tour much as a band? If so, does your daughter tour with you?

We have both sides of our family living in the same area as us and they have always helped with the kids. I have an older son from a previous marriage so he helped with babysitting too. We have just begun to play live. She is too young to be alone at night (10), so we will leave her at home with someone when we gig

We are coming to London to play ElectroLondon in September. We will have set up with our mothers for three weeks while we are away


Do you think having children has an influence on the music you make? Have you ever written songs about or related to being parents?

No we haven’t yet. Our art has a delineation between our family life and our range of skills and imagination

Does your daughter play music herself? Would you encourage her into a career in music if she was interested?

She loves music and has a large collection. She sings along but refuses to learn an instrument! I would like her to at least take piano but she doesn’t want to! We would encourage any and all interests that she has 🙂

My son plays guitar and writes his own music. He has his own soundcloud page and YouTube channel. I did a collaboration with him for his project in an anthropology course.

 I think that’s all the parenting relating questions for now, just a couple more quick questions about Meter Bridge. Where would you recommend my readers start if they want to listen to your music? At your bandcamp page?

Yes. Also, you can stream all our albums on our YouTube page meterbridge357.

It’s a good idea to search Meter Bridge on bandcamp and soundcloud too. Then a bunch of collaborations will come up too.

We have another page meterbridgeweatnurecords on bandcamp too. It has our music remixed.

And is there a new album on the cards?

We have had two releases. Our third is mastered and ready. The first was Meter Bridge, Meter Bridge -September 2014. The second Slow Motion -April 2015. Our third is mastered and ready. The next album will be out in early September.

You also mentioned you would be over in London for ElectroLondon in September, is there any chance of more UK/Europe dates at that time?

I believe it’s September 23rd in Doncaster with the Jan Doyle band and PulseLovers. We have dates in Hamburg and Berlin the following week with Trium Circulorum too.

That’s all the questions I have. Thanks so much for your time. I will look forward to the new album!

I’d like to add my thanks again to Jill for her time and patience with an inexperienced interviewer. Please do head over to Bandcamp to enjoy and buy Meter Bridge’s music, and look out for their UK/European dates this September.


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