Blog – I Like This Music

Just over a year ago I wrote about the songs that were making my then one year old daughter dance. Of course, at that time, her dancing mainly consisted of wriggling around in her high chair, so it was mainly my own interpretation of which songs she was reacting to.

A year on though, things have changed. She’s now perfectly capable of telling me which songs she likes, and “I like this song” and “I like this music” have become two of her favourite phrases. Endearingly, she thinks each song is called “a music”, and when each song comes to an end she’ll say “I want another music”. Songs she doesn’t like will be swiftly dismissed with “I want a different music”, often within seconds of beginning (the younger generation, no attention span you see). Here’s some of he recent likes and dislikes:


  • Amy Winehouse
  • Johnny Cash (especially Ring of Fire)
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Beirut (I was a bit surprised by this one, to be honest)


  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Miles Davis
  • New Order

Mixed Reception

  • R.E.M.(Liked The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite, not sure about the rest)
  • Blondie (Liked everything except Pretty Baby strangely)
  • The Be Good Tanyas (Completely ignored this, may have just been listening raptly)

Not quite sure what, if anything can be determined about her taste in music from the above list, but i’ll continue to put different types of music on and see what she likes, although I may spare her some of the more, shall we say, experimental elements of my record collection for now.

It’s not (entirely) about indoctrinating her with my own tastes in music, of course. I just love the fact she seems to genuinely enjoy music now. I love the fact that when we go downstairs in the morning, the first thing she says is “play some music, daddy”. Well, usually the first thing she says is “I want Rice Krispies”, but music is usually a close second.

The other morning before work I found myself dancing around the living room with my wife and daughter to Amy Winehouse, and if there’s a better way of starting a day, I’m yet to find it. Some memories become treasured over time, but that was one of those moments that, even as I experienced it, I knew I would always look back on with fondness. Here’s hoping that music brings us many more moments like it.


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