Track of the week : Case/Lang/Veirs -Behind The Armory

I’ve been looking forward to the collaborative album from Neko Case, K.D.Lang & Laura Veirs since it was first announced. Veirs is one of my all time favourite artists, Case I’ve always found a bit hit and miss and I’ve not listened to much of Lang’s music at all, so this album could have gone either way. I’m pleased to report, however, that it’s a fantastic record, greater, even, than the sum of its’ parts. The introspective, fragile nature of Veirs solo work blends perfectly with the country-pop nous of the other two.

I’d expected to like the songs written by Veirs most of all, but Behind the Armory, a Case-led song turns out to be my highlight. It’s a little smoother than is usually to my taste, but the harmonies are gorgeous (as they are throughout the record) and the chorus is truly irresistible. Enjoy!


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