Track of the week : Hologram Teen – Marsangst/ Hex These Rules

My track of the week this week is actually two tracks, but both sides of this 7″ single from Hologram Teen are so wonderful that I couldn’t bring myself to seperate them. Hologram Teen is the work of Morgan Lhote, once of Stereolab, and has been variously described as motorik-disco, electro-krautrock and much else besides. I can’t argue with those descriptions, but to me the sound of Hologram Teen is the sound of every electronic record I’ve ever loved dancing to.

Marsangst is an addictive piece of a minimal electronica, but with a gently building groove which makes you understand those Krautrock comparisons. Hex These Rules is more dancefloor orientated, with the distorted electro bass that I love, sampled preachers and beautiful crisp drums. Both are joyous, fun and have made me happier than almost any other record I’ve heard this year.

You can listen on Soundcloud below, but I heartily recommend you head over to Happy Robots Records and get yourself a copy of the limited edition 7″ pink vinyl. Only 300 available! (in fact make that 299 as I’ve already ordered mine).


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