Track of the week : Frankie Cosmos – On The Lips

I was prejudiced against Frankie Cosmos for a number of deeply unfair reasons before I’d ever heard her music. She is the daughter of celebrity parents (Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates), and was a child actor. Her promo photos make her look somewhat silly (although to be honest, it probably just seems that way to me because I am getting old). And she goes by the name Frankie Cosmos, which sounds like a third-rate Sixties psychedelic band.

Once I actually listened to ‘On The Lips’ though, those prejudices disappeared within twenty seconds. It is exactly the kind of lo-fi melodic indie that I love, and she executes it superbly. The song is less than two minutes long, but no second if it goes to waste. Despite being just 22, she has a massive back catalogue as both Frankie Cosmos and Ingrid Superstar. I look forward to investigating further.


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