365 Days of Music

I’ve recently been posting a song every day on Tumblr. I’m, as usual, hoping to introduce people to music I love, both new and old, but mostly it’s a kind of musical diary. I hope to be able to look back in years to come and see exactly what I was listening to in years past (although whether I will actually do so is a different matter). It would have been fascinating, to me at least, if I’d been doing this for longer. I’d be able to look back at my pop-punk phase, my ska-revival phase, my (mercifully brief) nu-metal phase, my psychedelic trance phase, and plenty more years of changing musical tastes besides.

Anyhow, I’ve reached 365 days of this project, a whole year’s worth of music so I thought I would choose one of my all time favourite tracks for today, the beautiful, melancholy, ‘Sad, Sad, Feet’ by Cate Le Bon. If you have any interest, please do follow the Tumblr here, and the Spotify playlist below:



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